Beyond the surface

About me, some of my recent past, my opinion of myself, and the struggles that I am having and have had and are still having.

As I sit in front of my laptop, I’m trying to find the words to explain why I have come up with a completely new website separate from the Blogger account that I already own. Before I opened an account and a blog on, I was reading an article where the author listed reasons why people/individuals should start blogging. I admit, this wasn’t my first rodeo around the writing/blogging thing. I have done it in primary school as projects, then in my polytechnic years (tertiary education) to write about makeup, movies and a touch on my life beyond these two hobbies. As I was reading, I thought, over the course of the last year, I find myself less willing or inspired to blog anymore. I find myself somehow less than what I was before I entered my school, and somehow more than who I was before I entered my school.

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